Economics research upgrades and 1.5B rally size

June 28th, 2017 No comments

Economics research tree has been expanded with new nodes. Also comes with new rally/solo size (again incremented).


  • 1B% corrosive attack (new armor piercing stat)
  • 1T% overpowered attack (new attack stat)
  • 100M% indestructible defense (new defense stat)
  • 50M% trap deployment size
  • 100M% troop deployment size
  • 150M% trap rally size
  • 600M% troop rally size
  • 2,5T% army/troop/type/rally/CP attack
  • 50M% army/troop/type armor piercing
  • 25M% triple armor piercing
  • 100M% triple defense
  • 1T% double shielding
  • 20T% rally/CP troop & trap health
  • 20T% mega tile health
  • 100M trading size
  • 100M trap capacity

New combat sizes

  • 200M trap deployment size
  • 300M troop deployment size
  • 500M trap rally size
  • 1,5B troop rally size

Packs required

  • RSS for research
    • Wooden crates, barrels, glass, statues, bonds
  • Economics Intelligence Chips
  • RSS for more troops to resist new rally/solo size

Quick squad chat avatars

June 27th, 2017 No comments

New avatars, after collecting all you can get these stats


  • 1T% troop attack
  • bonus assets
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Mobile Ops

June 26th, 2017 No comments

New categories in mobile ops stats shop

New stats

  • 1T% triple attack
  • 1T% rally/CP attack
  • 10M% triple armor piercing
  • 1B% triple defense
  • 1B% rally/troop combat shielding for base
  • 20% triple armor piercing resilience
  • 1B% triple health
  • 1B% rally/CP troop health
  • 1T% mobile trap health
  • 1T% outpost/tile raiding health
  • 5% training/promotion cost reduction
  • 10T troop/promotion queue
  • 2K% training/promotion speed
  • 1K% research speed


  • Mobile ops credits
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Commander level 100

June 23rd, 2017 No comments

In preparation to mega merge MS has released new commander levels, now max level is 100. New levels includes increased rally and solo sizes.

Deployment size

  • Solo troop: 200M
  • Rally troop: 700M
  • Solo trap: 100M
  • Rally trap: 300M

Level 100 stats

  • 1,5T% army attack
  • 1,5T% type attack
  • 2T% troop attack
  • 1T% rally/CP attack
  • 1T% trap attack
  • 5M% triple armor piercing
  • 45M% army defense
  • 45M% type defense
  • 80M% troop defense
  • 500B% combat shielding base
  • 500B% combat shielding CP
  • 9T% rally/CP troop health
  • 9T% rally/CP trap health
  • 100T% outpost health
  • 4T% outpost defend trap health
  • 101T% outpost attack trap health
  • 5M% embassy defense
  • 10% triple AP resilience

Packs required

  • Triumphant commendations


┬┐Time to quit game?

VIP 180

June 22nd, 2017 No comments

New VIP levels, this update is hidden in blog inside Omega Prep State entry.

New stats

  • 1T% troop attack
  • 7M% troop defense/army defense/type defense
  • 4M% troop armor piercing
  • 2M% army armor piercing/type armor piercing
  • 500B% combat shielding for rally/cp
  • 200B% rally combat shielding for base
  • 400B% combar shielding for base
  • 1T% rally/CP health
  • 500B% mobile trap health
  • 1T% outpost/raiding health

Packs required

  • VIP points, in scale KTT (1KTT=1000TT=


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Divine Vanquisher Augments

June 22nd, 2017 No comments

In preparation to mega merge MS released new augments and mod sets as divine/exalted/supreme types


  • 1,5T% attack
  • 9M% armor piercing
  • 30M% defense
  • 1,5T% rally/CP health
  • 750B% rally/cp trap health

Level 16 mod sets

  • 500B% attack
  • 2M% armor piercing
  • 7M% defense
  • 400B% rally/CP health
  • 300B% combat shielding
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New insignias

June 19th, 2017 No comments

New set of Supreme, Exalted and Divine insignias.

Divine piercing insignia set (assault)

  • 400B% troop attack
  • 5M% troop armor piercing
  • 1M% army and type armor piercing
  • 100B% rally/CP attack

Divine conquest insignia set (CP)

  • 500B% rally/CP Attack
  • 1,5T% rally/CP health
  • 300B% rally/CP combat shielding
  • 400B% troop attack
  • 750B% mobile trap health

Divine Armored Insignia set (defense)

  • 250B% base combat shielding
  • 10M% triple defense
  • 200B% troop attack

Packs required

  • Insignia set
    • $300 pack includes all divine insignias for attack/defense/cp
    • $100 pack include all defense insignia and one “pick you own insignia” for attack only and one for attack/defense/CP
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Mega merge daily items

June 18th, 2017 No comments

Mega Merge is coming Saturday, 1st july 24 June. From 15 jun to 29 jun MS release each day one new boost exclusive to this event. You can only get today boost for 24 hours after launch in $100 packs, encouraging daily spending.

UPDATE: Mega Merge has changed to 24 june, and MS launched 9 boosts instead of 15

  • 15 jun: 1 minute cyanide pill
  • 16 jun: 1000% rally size increase
  • 17 jun: 3T% triple health (CP/rally/outpost)
  • 18 jun: 500B% Rally/CP attack
  • 19 jun: 10M% troop armor piercing
  • 20 jun: 15M% troop defense
  • 21 jun: 1T% troop attack
  • 22 jun: 1000% solo size increase
  • 23 jun: 50M% triple defense
  • 24 jun: (cancelled and today is mega merge)
  • 25 jun: (cancelled)
  • 26 jun: (cancelled)
  • 27 jun: (cancelled)
  • 28 jun: (cancelled)
  • 29 jun: (cancelled)
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Juggernaut Gear Set

June 18th, 2017 No comments

New gear set in divine, exalted, supreme form

Stats (divine gear set)

  • 50B% troop attack
  • 150B% rally/CP Attack
  • 300B% rally/CP health
  • 2M% troop armor piercing
  • 5M% troop defense
  • 150B% mobile trap health


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T7 new troops, new rally and solo size

June 15th, 2017 No comments

As usual before GCP, MS launches a big update to force players to spend many money if wants to be a new Supreme Commander.

New T7 Omega troops with respective research tree

  • 12 new Omega troops
  • 300M rally size
  • 100M trap rally
  • 80M solo size
  • 30M trap solo
  • New gear: Jungle Training Gear Set, includes 1500% training speed and 25T troop queue.

New stats

  • 900B% attack
  • 7,6B% defense
  • 1,5B% health
  • 3M% defense debuff
  • 40B% health debuff

Packs required

  • Omega golden badges needed to upgrade troop academy
  • Jungle Training Gear Set

Note: in training grounds below T7 are T8 placeholders locked ready for next update.