Commander level 100

In preparation to mega merge MS has released new commander levels, now max level is 100. New levels includes increased rally and solo sizes.

Deployment size

  • Solo troop: 200M
  • Rally troop: 700M
  • Solo trap: 100M
  • Rally trap: 300M

Level 100 stats

  • 1,5T% army attack
  • 1,5T% type attack
  • 2T% troop attack
  • 1T% rally/CP attack
  • 1T% trap attack
  • 5M% triple armor piercing
  • 45M% army defense
  • 45M% type defense
  • 80M% troop defense
  • 500B% combat shielding base
  • 500B% combat shielding CP
  • 9T% rally/CP troop health
  • 9T% rally/CP trap health
  • 100T% outpost health
  • 4T% outpost defend trap health
  • 101T% outpost attack trap health
  • 5M% embassy defense
  • 10% triple AP resilience

Packs required

  • Triumphant commendations


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