T7 new troops, new rally and solo size

As usual before GCP, MS launches a big update to force players to spend many money if wants to be a new Supreme Commander.

New T7 Omega troops with respective research tree

  • 12 new Omega troops
  • 300M rally size
  • 100M trap rally
  • 80M solo size
  • 30M trap solo
  • New gear: Jungle Training Gear Set, includes 1500% training speed and 25T troop queue.

New stats

  • 900B% attack
  • 7,6B% defense
  • 1,5B% health
  • 3M% defense debuff
  • 40B% health debuff

Packs required

  • Omega golden badges needed to upgrade troop academy
  • Jungle Training Gear Set

Note: in training grounds below T7 are T8 placeholders locked ready for next update.